Traveling Across the US and Atlantic with Chaussette

This post will give you a brief overview about our 20 hour journey with Chaussette, our sweet little 9 lb. kitty cat.  She has the sweetest face and the softest fur.  We tested her “sleeping pills” two times before packing her up and I thought she would be sleepy like a rag doll but nothing could have prepared us for what ensued.  She meowed for 16 of the 20 hour journey.  She meowed for every kitty that has even been silenced.  At one point on our flight from Frankfurt to Paris I had the guy in front of us do the “look over the shoulder”.  I know this look well as I give it frequently at the movie theatre when people are talking during movies.

When we finally arrived in CDG, Chaussette who normally looks fluffy and fresh, looked haggard with her fur matted down, dried food on her little face and exhausted eyes.  Once we got to the apartment we are staying in until Tuesday, she finally settled down and slept most of the first two days.  There was even a heated discussion between Maxime and Alain (one of our hosts) if a cat could have jet lag. It was decided “no” because they sleep so much anyway.

Needless to say, she has been extra snuggly since we arrived as I think she realizes how far we brought her.

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One Response to Traveling Across the US and Atlantic with Chaussette

  1. Poor kitty! Not very Parisian chic to have dried food stuck to matted fur!

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