Flowers and the Details

Last Friday I went to my friends Jeremie’s apartment for his small birthday celebration.  Not wanting to go empty handed, I walked up Rue de Vaugiard to one of the many flower shops that are around Paris.  There were a few buckets of flowers in the front and I picked up a simple bunch of beautiful orange tulips.

This hearty bouquet was only 9€ and the shop keeper wrapped it in a beautiful thick paper.  In the States, I would have to go to a specialty shop or Whole Foods and I am sure pay much more than 9€ (current conversion: $11.89) for it.  One of the many things that I truly love about Paris is that something as inexpensive as a 9€ bouquet of orange tulips would be given as much care in the presentation as if I spent 90€. The French truly appreciate the finer things and it makes my day to day living incredibly enjoyable.

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One Response to Flowers and the Details

  1. You are so right about this! The presentation is so beautiful. That says a lot about the French doesn’t it?

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