Vous prenez un apéritif?

The French are known for their refined taste in food, clothes and just a general love of enjoying the finer things.  I was shocked when we moved here to be sitting down at the dining room table with our hosts and be presented with bowls of snack food–the apéritif.  These consisted of small crackers, bugles, saucisson (salami), bread sticks, delicious bacon or cheese flavored coated peanuts and even some asian cocktail mix (a favorite of mine).

There are entire sections in the grocery store as well dedicated to the apéritif selection.    Each box costs between .90c to 1.95€.  The drinks varied from champagne to liquors with 1-2 ice cubes or sweet white wine. Maybe I’ve over-romantiscized the refinement of the French but it’s nice to see some casualness to some of their eating.  I just kept thinking of superbowl parties.

PS. I tried to put my own spin on the apéritif and offered a small bowl of Haribo sweet treats, which at the end were warm-heartedly laughed at by my guests.  One asked “Who puts sweets with apperitif?”

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One Response to Vous prenez un apéritif?

  1. Haha, it is always a somewhat refreshing surprise to have the cliched illusion broken. A little disappointing but at the same times, it makes Paris seem more real, rather than some fairytale place. I love Paris so much! I was studying there in July at a Summer Academy , after visiting for a few weeks in January, and I really found that living there for a month ( and getting up early every day for school) took me from having a holiday /honeymoon experience, and seeing the good and the bad ( or at least, frustrating). But even despite those things, which I started to see, I still love it! Going to check out the rest of your blog now, I could read about Paris all day! 🙂

    Genevieve , http://genevievewanderbug.wordpress.com

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