Boots and Baskets

I have been in need of a good pair of walking shoes in Paris.  With the thousands of shoes that fill the shops of Paris, I decided to focus my energies on a pair of black boots.  It seemed simple enough in this black obsessed city but I had some particular needs for these shoes to fill.  First, they had to be comfortable the moment I put them on.  Not after they “stretch” and are “broken in” which is the kiss of death for any shoes but for those first few steps to the mirror.  Second, they were simple in style.  So during my regular outings for the past few months I’ve been popping into various shoe stores and getting a feel of the landscape.  At a few shops I tried on a pair or two but haven’t found anything or if I did they were out of my size.  I will back up just a bit and tell you that I have been having foot issues since I moved here.  It stems from not having proper arch support and a good soft shock absorbing sole.  So in the meantime for any activities longer than 2 hours and too the horror of my husband and few onlookers I have been wearing my running shoes or “baskets” as they are called in French.

On Saturday as I was out running errands in my baskets I walked into a shoe store and saw what I thought might be The Boot.  They actually had my size and to my excitement they were comfortable from the first step and to top it off, were on sale.  Within 5 minutes of arriving I was ready to pay.  The gentleman asked in broken English and some French if I wanted to wear them out and put my baskets in the bag.  I said no, it was fine.  And then he looked at me, raised an eyebrow, looked back down at my baskets laying on the floor looking haggard and uber-American and said in English “Really?”  I quickly said realizing his horror “Oh, you’re right, yes, I will wear the boots.”  He replied with a smile “C’est bon.”


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4 Responses to Boots and Baskets

  1. Claire says:

    These are very handsome, Alexis! Bravo, not easy to find… style, comfort and the bonus of being on sale. Good hunting!

  2. Sarah says:

    I love this story, even the second time around. It cracks me up! Ps – love the boots miss stylish!

  3. Ha! Good choice, great story.

  4. Stefanie says:

    Awesome boots. And I liked the tie in with the “basket” in the title of your post. Missing you.

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