Cinema Update 4-March-2013

It’s been a busy movie watching time for me as I was down and out with a terrible flu last week (more on that later).  I’ve had some bummers and a few surprises which were given to me by my movie friend here in Paris.  Enjoy!

PITCH PERFECT – I had no idea what this film was about and the opening scene of a boy a cappella group performing at a finals competition with Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins as the announcers sucked me right in.  It has great singing but a predictable story. Nevertheless, it was super enjoyable.  It’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon while sitting at home enjoying a quiet day.

TOMBOY: This is the prequel to BOYS DON’T CRY.  No, it’s not, but could be.  It’s a lovely little French movie about a young girl who moves to a new apartment and tells her new friends that she’s a boy.  There were a few times I thought violence would strike, but calmer heads prevailed and I was left in a sweet movie with a lovely story.

BARBARA: This film as well I knew nothing about and it was quite good. The cinematography in particular was beautiful. It took place in 1980 East Germany.  The story was a bit slow as to be expected but an interesting look at a woman’s decision to flee or stay and work as a doctor.  I hope this won’t give away any spoilers but I was a bit annoyed by the ending, though I figure most of your reading this won’t get to the film any time soon.

SOUND CITY: A documentary by the phenomenal musician Dave Grohl.  It’s a 2-part story about this amazing mixing board called the Neve that classic albums from the the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were produced on, including Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Metallica, Ratt and Nirvana.  The second part of the film is about what happened to the mixing board upon the closing of Sound City and a discussion about technology, pro-tools and if anyone is making authentic music anymore.  I was hoping to see a sneak peak of Rush in there, but alas, they never recorded at Sound City.  But it’s still a good doc for any music lovers out there.

YOUNG ADULT: This was Diablo Cody’s writing follow-up to JUNO. It didn’t get nearly as much critical praise but I loved it.  Charlize Theron is fantastic as is Patton Oswalt.  Charlize’s character is self-obessed, dysfunctional and great to watch.  It’s a short movie you can fit it in one night.  Well worth it.

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE: I stared watching this film because Sean Penn was in it and I hadn’t heard of it before, but it was a very annoying film.  I can handle movies where as the viewer you have to stitch the story together, but this was ridiculous.  Apparently, tons of people walked out of it in Cannes.  My movie friend here loved it but for me, it was painful to get through.  I couldn’t find any thread of a story line to bring any of the plots together.  It was super frustrating.  But if you dare, I’d love to know your thoughts.  Also, it took me 2 days to finish it as I hate to break up a movie but this was too tedious to get through in one sitting.

THE IMPOSTER: How can I explain this doc?  Well, I can’t really.  Just watch it.  You won’t believe it, but it’s true.

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2 Responses to Cinema Update 4-March-2013

  1. Ferris says:

    Do you watch movies on Netflix? Do you know if we can stream Netflix on our iPads when we are in Paris?

  2. whiteboyjeff says:

    the imposter was creep creep creepy!!

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