I have been looking for a new place to get my haircut. It’s always been advised that is you see someone with hair you like to ask where they go. There is a woman in the office who is beyond chic and I love her hair, so I got the name of her stylist and this is what transpired.

IMG_1068I first called for an appointment for a cut and color and spoke directly to Sylvain, the owner, and he said “For a transformation?” and I said “No, I want a cut and colour.” His English seemed good enough and figured it was clear what I wanted so I made my appointment.

When I showed up at the salon a very stylish young lady named Cindie greeted me and when I told her my name she said “Une rendez-vous pour une transformation?” I panicked and said “Non, pour coupe et baliage. Ou est Sylvain?” (No, for a cut and colour.  Where is Sylvian?)  A few minutes later, Sylvain strutted in with his fur coat and little dog and took one look at me and said “I know what to do.” I want to point out that I made a special effort for my hair to make sure it looked its best.  He said, “I need to cut, cut, cut to here (basically to my throat). You look tired and weighed down.” OUCH.  Then he asked, “What do you do, and how old are you?”  I told him I work in an office and my age. He replied “Your hair looks like a college student and not your age and your cut is terrible.” So much for me trying to look good. Then in my head I started questioning my outfit and my entire wardrobe!!!  But I made a new appointment but was worried he was forcing a short cut as hairdressers love to do. He was nice, but definitely annoyed.  When I left he handed me his card and said “Here, look at my website and see what I do.”  Upon returning the office, I shared my experience with my friend.  She understood my concern and I asked her to go with me to the appointment or at least pin a note on my jacket so there would be no confusion.

IMG_1069Alas, a few weeks later, we headed to the salon and my friend translated with Cindie and we got on the same page.  Two hours later, I left with over 6 inches cut off and feeling like I had a new head of hair.  It’s ironic that I don’t take my own advice when I tell people who are considering a hair change “It’s just hair, it will grow back.” And here I was painfully debating the intention of the stylist and what would be done to my precious locks.  I am a bit of a control freak in certain situations and in general by living in France I have had to accept not fully understanding the process and accepting the outcome.  It’s just hair and it will grow.

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7 Responses to Sylvain

  1. Prudence Johnson says:

    Would love to see a photo of this haircut! Aunt prudence

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jean Boardman (friend of parents) says:

    No “selfie” of the new “dp”?

  3. connie says:

    Phew! I’m so glad this had a happy ending – I got v. nervous in the middle section, having experienced hairdresser disasters, and French language confusions, but never the two together.
    Chaussette is the smart one: she speaks her own language and manages her own grooming, to great effect.

  4. jeff hansen says:

    Dude, so where’s the pic of your new ‘do?!?!?!

    I’m coming to switzerland and italy in about 3 weeks, i leave on may 19th and will be in Interlaken, Switz for a few days before heading to Como, Italy then Florence, Venice, Rome. before going back up to Switz. for a couple more days and then head home on June 11th!

    would be awesome if we could meet up, you wanna go to italy?

    -jeff hansen

  5. Pictures, please!!! That is an epic cliff-hanger of a blog post, Lex. I want to see how it turned out!

  6. Heather M says:

    Yeah, um OMG how can you leave us hanging like this!?

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