Dressing in Paris

I have written in previous posts about my struggles with dressing in France. Even after three and a half years and having invested in some good pieces, I am still humbled by straight-faced sales people putting me in my place. I remind myself when I see women in my office with amazing clothes that most of them have had a lifetime of French dressing influences and that I’m starting from scratch. Building it piece by piece during each of the bi-annual sales. 

My most recent experience came when I went to a lovely store in the hipster of hipster arrondissements: 4ème aka Le Marais. My dear friend Gena was visiting me to organize my kitchen with the Container Store (another post). She is an interior stylist and truly one of the most stylish and chic people I have ever met. Style is effortless for her and I seek her advice when ever possible for all things beautiful. During her visit I mentioned that I was in the market for a walkable black city boot that I could also wear to work. After one of her excursions, Gena said she spotted a great pair of very chic boots at a little store called Bimba y Lola. It happened my birthday was coming up and decided to make the trip. The sales person was a young guy who spoke perfect English which is always a treat. I never would have tried this style on myself. It’s low cut and pointy toe reminded me of a slick cowboy boot. But the outside gold zipper gave it a stylish appeal.  With something that is a new style for me I always wonder “How do I wear it?”  Gena would just know how to but not me and she had already gone back to the U.S. So I relied on this sales persons honesty. I was wearing skinny jeans rolled up and when I put on the boots I asked “How do I wear these? Can I with my jeans like this?” And he kindly replied “Well that’s not what’s suggested in the look book, but I guess it works.”  I immediately rolled my jeans down. He gave me a few ideas and I decided to take the plunge. They have been a great addition though I haven’t ventured into the dress/tights look yet as he suggested.  I guess I should have taken a longer look at the look book. Next time! 

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3 Responses to Dressing in Paris

  1. Is there really a Look Book?

  2. Gena says:

    You have more natural style than you know, my sister! Was so happy to find those cool boots and beyond thrilled they’re working for you. As for the “non-suggested look” (classic response for the record books!), wear them howevery you like with confidence — a look that is ALWAYS in style! XOXO

  3. connie berry says:

    The Look Book – who knew? I swear by Inez de la Fressange and love it when she says things like, “Yes, wear navy and black together”. Just hope she isn’t busy doing revised editions……
    (When will Stella be old enough to watch “Streetcar Named Desire” and hear Brando yelling,

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