Perfect Cable Hat with Earflaps

IMG_1525I’m convinced I was a knitter in another life. When I’ve chosen projects I’ve always tried to choose something that was slightly above my skill level and now I’ve settled into a routine where most patterns that I choose I can handle with a few Internet searches. Since having my baby, the majority of my knitting has been baby sweaters and two baby hats.  I decided to try to use some of the stash yarn, which is leftover yarn, from a baby alpaca sweater I had knitted for Stella and make her a hat. This is where my knitting juju was off. I tried a pattern that was so cute with cable and little ear flaps but it was just a bit too small  and every time I put in on her head she was crying.  To make matters worse because it was too small it would start sliding up and cone on the top of her head.  It was completely unsatisfying and I just felt like I had failed by not being able to make a simple cable hat for my baby.

IMG_4397I began scouring the patterns on Ravelry looking for the perfect baby cabled hat with ear flaps which I have now come to realize does not exist. I ripped out the yarn from the hat and tried a new basic pattern. This was now too big so I ripped that out and threw my hands up in despair.  Sometimes when I’m trying to do something and it’s not working and I keep trying and trying and frustration builds, it’s almost as if I’m strangling the situation by doing it over and over and over again. I was fighting with myself all I could think about was I need to get this done so I can start on the baby sweater that I wanted to make. So I stopped fighting with the yarn and needles and went to Zara and bought her an adorable pink had with ear flaps.


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One Response to Perfect Cable Hat with Earflaps

  1. Gina Anderson says:

    le chapeau de Zara est un bonne idee.

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